Stunning problem


I don’t know if anyone is having this problem that you can’t really stun anybody. the percentage said 75% stun chance but it’s more like 100% miss chance. it got me very frustrated. Like when u use a “greater stunning strike”,which is 75% stun chance, nothing will happen, but when the opponent uses a “minimal stunning strike” which only has 10% stun chance, i got stunned for a round. please fix this problem as soon as possible. tq


–“RNG is part of the game”
Watch out, and make way for the justice league.


Because it is. (20 chars)


It’s all rng, kiddo (going off your avatar, don’t get upset). Well, that and minimal luck, but mostly rng. I have found some dinos have better stun chances than others though, such as Sinocera and Stegocera.


ohhhhh ok thx thx!!!


What means RNG? Dont unterstand that sty


Random number generation. Meaning a program is trying to replicate dice. Accusing the rolls of picking on you is like accusing dice of picking on you.

That said the program might do other stuff. We don’t know. Nor should we.

I’m not for change. Steg stun meta is for fun. Better than high level dodgy meta. (I think I’m the first to call it dodgy meta you evasive stancers and cloakers)