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Stunning strike too annoying?

I was doing battle arenas. I faced a person with triceratops and sinceratops, swapping, healing, swapping, repeat. It should be that Dig in takes 2 cooldown or the speed is reduced

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It’s even more annoying when you use the strat but lose

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Nah. It’s a difficult strategy to pull off. Not much of a reason to nerf it. If they managed it, they must be pretty good.


Mostly it’s just praying you get that stun other wise even the newest players can pull it off

Also dig in does have a two turn cool down…

It’s the most annoying thing ever😣
It’s like stalling the match. You know you’re gonna win, because even if they regen and swap numerous times you’re eventually gonna kill it. I faced a similar situation and I got to say It’s a really annoying tactic, I’m like Just get it over with.
Sometimes I even feel kinda annoyed when I see that Dig in animation.

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It’s even more annoying when it’s bulky creatures that can stun and stall out Dig In


Dig in should have a 1 turn delay to stop this kind of nonsense. Had this happening to me during the tournament. Sino and Tricera non stop. Worst still that person won the match

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On the tornament i noticed ppl using titanoboa as a discount dracoceratops

I mean delay

They don’t put them when you put him tho

I’ve faced a few people doing this but they still lost because Dig In is diminishing returns as you never get a full health back.

I’ve done this trick myself when I’ve had 2 or more ceratopsians on my team. It’s a handy move but doesn’t always work out well.

Please leave ceratopsians as they are. It’s indeed difficult and very risky (66%) to play them. If you have problems with them, then just use an immune to stuns creature or a fully immune one, there are loads of them


When they reworked ceratopsians first opponent I faced in arena after the uptade used this stratedy. But he/she had whole team made of level 20 boosted ceratopsians.

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As my dinosaur collection is all level 20, I’ve done that with a full ceratopsian theme team. Mine weren’t boosted though.

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