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Stunning trouble


How often should my dino lose a turn after getting stunned? Is it based on the speed of opponents dino? I’ve noticed lately that each time I’ve gotten stunned, my dino drops his head and I’m forced to swap or hit “end turn.” I never remember this happening so much. Last battle I was using Suchotator (lvl 26) and facing a Thor (lvl 23). After trading strikes he hit me with instant charge and he stunned me to where I had to hit lose turn or swap or let him die. This is happening all of the time. Anyone else noticing this? Am I missing something? Also used an Indoraptor vs Thor and same thing happened. I used to survive stuns where my dino would be “stunned” but I would keep my turn instead of losing my turn every time. This is happening every…single…time and only against me. I never stun my opponent and steal his turn. Am I playing bots when this happens? Halp meh!


If your dino is slower when you get stunned, it’s a “miss that turn” stun.
If you’re faster, and you get stunned, it’s a “miss this turn and next turn” stun.


Thank u for the clarification. I think I have been the faster dino each time so il keep that in mind.


I battled a Tragodistis (lvl 25) vs my Thor ( lvl 24). He used rampage first and I used a strike, after first round I hit instant charge and stunned him but he kept his turn…gyah I don’t get it


If you use an instant charge (priority), you go first.
If you dont stun but they do, it’s a double.


I stunned him just not the drop head stun. I also have Dracoceratops with acute stun and I haven’t hit that move yet. Should I only try that move against a faster or slower dino?


The speed of the dinosaurs doesn’t matter so much as who has used a move on their turn and who has not. For example:

  1. Sucho vs Thor- You choose any move except ID. Thor chooses IC and stun works. His turn was the IC and your turn was getting stunned. move to next turn.

  2. Sucho vs Thor- You choose ID and he chooses IC. You are faster and get to use your turn preventing 90% of damage. His turn is IC. The turn is over. Therefore you will be stunned for your next turn. Your move is that you are stunned thus the end turn button.

The principle is the same for anything getting stunned. If you have used a move on a turn then you are stunned for the next. If you get stunned prior to making a move, being stunned is your turn, and you move to the next turn.


Wow that is a great breakdown and it’s starting to sink in more so I know what to do and expect. I’ve been playing forever and only recently noticed how often I’m getting destroyed by stuns. I asked my alliance members and didnt get much feedback so thanks again.


Yes, it is important to know because it may or may not be worthwhile to use Indo evasive vs a dino with IC available. Let me know if you would like more scenarios broken down.


Holy crap I’m always so eager to use E w indo but that’s how I can screw myself, its def making sense now. I feel like I’ve been left behind and I’m scurrying around w my hands in the air _(’-’)_/


Try reading this article. It may help understand more.