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Stunning with or without turn skip?

During the battles I noticed something about the stun I really don’t get. Every single time I get stunned all I can do is swap or end turn. If I end the turn next move is always for my opponent and I can’t do anything except hope I make it to the next turn without striking. But many times when I stun (creature gets these stunning things above it’s head) but it can still attack the turn immediately after.
If it has priority or not, doesn’t matter.

One other thing: since the latest update if two creatures stun each other the first to stun doesn’t and the other obviously does… every single time. Why??

Read this thread Speed symbol glitch


Ya go read it.

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And this article

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That’s not what I mean. I know that a creature with priority in speed gets the first strike no matter what. What I mean is something else. Let’s take this example from a match I played today;
Sinocerarops (speed 116) vs Suchotator (speed 116)
Sino starts off with priority strike
Such does the same
(Speed should still be equal then right?)
Sino chooses priority stunning strike
Such is stunned and doesn’t strike
Sino then chooses stunning impact
Such can’t choose a strike because stunned
Sino chooses priority strike
Such dies.

In this case I had the such

But I had the same scenario the other way around only with a different outcome:

Sino chooses priority strike
Such chooses DoT
Sino strikes stunning impact
Such is stunned doesn’t react
Such strikes nullification
(This means even though it was stunned it could choose a strike where I could only end turn or swap)
Sino chooses priority stunning strike
Both die

What I can’t comprehend is the one turn where I was unable to choose any strike except swap or end turn
But in the exact same situation my opponent obviously could.

First case works as intended.
Second one sounds like sucho was a higher level then sino.

If you are faster than your opponent, you go first, stun them and then they don’t get to attack, so they lose a turn, but then go again.

If the opponent is faster and you stun them, they don’t get to choose a move, they lose their next turn, because they already had one before you stunned them.

You lose a turn in any case, it’s just a matter of order and speed :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, was super confusing to me as well.

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