Stuns and dodges 100% chance to proc

Hello there,

Don’t know if this has already been said, but wouldn’t be less frustrating, and even more strategic gameplay to increase stun and dodge chance at 100%? Maybe adding more nullifying moves on creatures to counter dodges, and stun immunity as it is right now?

Don’t like the luck window of this abilities at all.

Stay safe everyone and sorry for my english!

Especially when you miss 43/54 stuns in this tourney (sino, maia, pachy) 1 missed stun can screw the whole game, I’ve played over 130 battles this tourney so far.

Uhm… creatures used to have a …% chance to dodge 100%. The reason Ludia nerfed this was because people complained it was unbalancing. So probably a big no…

I meant 100% to dodge 66% damage, so still does 34% damage. Just wondering

I don’t think 100% Dodge or Stun would a good idea. I’m saying that as someone who likes the dodge mechanic and hates stun. The way it is at the moment works fine.

dodge used to be 50% chance to dodge all damage or none. (may have been some 66% chance to dodge all or none). I don’t know if swap in dodge or sidestep were 100% chance to dodge still.
Back then, monominimus and indoraptor could dodge 3+ times a match and take very little damage, if any in the process.

That version of dodge was nerfed to dodge only a portion of the damage upon success (66% or something like that). But that made dodge just useless for a bit before it was brought back up. There was a survey awhile ago about it. It was more a compromise. bring the chance of a successful dodge up, but leave the successful doge only dodge 66% damage so we don’t get the whole doge 3+ times and take no damage.

Now increasing all dodge chance to 100% to dodge 66% won’t happen. Ludia themselves said that they want sidestep to be the most reliable dodge mechanic. (swap in dodge as well). It also wouldn’t be a good idea with CS as it is. Yeah there are precise/ nullifying/ definite moves, but when you don’t have either of them at the moment, you hope that dodge fails so you can do more than 200 damage.

As for stun. We really don’t need dinos like paramoloch stun locking everything not immune any more than it does. it is the only action that can’t be cleansed and completely negates damage for a turn upon success. I think it is fine as is.


Qiew explained exactly what I meant. It’s fine as it is.

What about if you could clean a stun ?