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Stuns are unfairly chanced for players


It’s an absolute joke how often the bots stun you. I’ve been stunned 3 times in a row. This time I’ve been stunned 4 times in a row 2 of those were minimal stunning strikes. While I’ve never stuned any thing with it. I’m at 2500 trophies so i have played enough matches to get a good impression of how the chances work. Ludia please add a limit for how many times you can get stuned in a row.


I agree, currently it’s a strategy game that involves a lot of luck and that’s not a great idea. At least limit the stuns.

Imagine playing chess and your piece has 50% chance to move the other direction you want. Luck is totally out of place in true strategy games, but a tiny bit can be fun in games like this. But it becomes simply frustrating if your oponnent is practically winning the lottery!