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Stuns that never Work On Thor in pvp

So as of late swap in stun and priority stun on Thor does not work, swap in Monolorhino to stun thor nothing, use Smilonmeys swap in stun does nothing against Thor this is an issue

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No, not an issue. Just bad luck. My Thor gets stunned all the time…

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not bad luck when its 100% of the time

Still just bad luck. And statistics. Even if you do not land a stun 100 times in a row it is not proofing anything.
It is working for other.

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Im sorry but if the dino isn’t stun proof it should not all the sudden become stun proof, better yet what is the point of having it if it does not work? you call it luck? that’s like having a car with turbo on it and it only works by luck, there is no logic in that at all.

It is bad luck, my thor has been stunned many times.