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Stuns Working But Not Working?

I have noticed a lot recently that stuns have odd effects. Either they will stun a creature so that it cannot perform its turn or they will stun a creature for the entire next turn where the only thing a player can do is swap or end turn. Is this intentional? If I have missed this announcement, I apologize for posting and greatly appreciate referencing where this was explained.

If this is intentional, I wonder if there’s a way to explain the creature’s chances of these kind of stun variations. I’ve also noticed that some creatures fall victim to either kind of stun and some only take one or the other.

Any guidance or confirmation of this being a bug is greatly appreciated!

Additionally, if this should be moved to another category, I apologize for posting it incorrectly.

if your creature gets stunned and it is slower than the creature using the stun move, you only lose the action you were going to take. If your creature is faster and gets stunned after it already took its action, it will be stunned for its next action, thus the skip or swap out options available.


It’s not a bug. If you play stun after your opponent hits you, it would stun them for the next turn. If you have a creature that stuns, this tactic is very useful to get an extra hit on your opponent.

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Good to know, thank you! Sounds like it’s more beneficial to stun LAST.

Nasuto seems to have like a 50% stun resist without having one. Mine never got stunned but some of the other creatures would get stunned 2 turns instead of 1.