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Stupid alquana swap outs!😡


These latest epic battles against flyers were the most stupidly frustrating battles ever.ive never lost any of these battle stops till now. Just constant swapping and instant invincibility annoyed the hell out of me. Barely making a dent in the alqusna because of swap outs. for it to take 3-4K off with rampage then swap then instant invincibility then rampage n swap out again for the other stupid rare long shield flyer n when you finally kill that rare one (forget name) the other epic comes in hits you takes a gives a big hit swaps out n the alquana comes back it has shield when it returns n rampages you to finish you off.


I use T-Rex for most strike events and just smash through it


I tried him he’s lvl15 he takes out one before getting rampaged to death


Rex works… if your under leveled use suchotator… instant cripple the rampages… then lethal wound… my level 12 suchotator took out the level 30 pteradon by himself tonight…

My current philosophy is if a strike is giving me issues… bleed it out… lol


Use gorghoshucus it has more speed than trex.


I went with it it’s lvl17 when I hit alquana with ferocious he then swapped out to petrodon which had the shield so my armour pierce wasn’t as effective then he swaps out back to alquana who’s got invincibility shield n he just rampaged me.

It’s more the coin I’m bothered about losing out on tbf haha


You fight lvl 30 alanqa and ptera? Or 3 dino alanqa lvl 23 ptera lvl 22 and quenzalcot lvl 21?


My Gorgeous (only level 15 because I stupidly put my DNA into the legendary hybrid) got one shotted so maybe reconsider that or make sure it is at least a high enough level to avoid the same fate.
P.S I still made it through due to my L16 monominimus and higher level Stegodeus and Tragodistis


Or it may be alankylosaurus, alanqa and ptera?


I m lost to lvl 30 bird. I thinm i can make it, but he star with ptera that make my strategy fail. Damn ai


The one battle lvl30s I won. It was the last 3 Dino one for the incubator it went swap mad on


Yeah i know, the laat round of 5 step right?


Yer they just kept swapping I felt like frisbying my phone across the room haha


I won that, use Trex lvl 15 gorghoshucus lvl 15, i lead by ghorgho fero then shatering rampage.


I just went in with the wrong game plan I guess. And for that I missed out on about 10k of coin


Better luck next time. It better to prepared 1st. But our plan never work out sometimes. If i recall my gorgho dsr get crit kill alanky in 2nd turn, ptera come out i use cleansing impac, then use Trex. To kill ptera and last i use posti. He has DSI.


Your lucky he didn’t open with rampage then because that will instantly kill Gorgeous at level 15 as I found out this morning. (Luckily Monominimus destroyed them anyway)


I’ve been using level 19 postimetrodon but admittedly haven’t had a go at the epic event yet because I’m moving house. Fingers crossed!


Hope you finish moving house before it expire @Linaleigh


For lvl 30 bird i open with nodopato, then rexy gorgho for last. Haha
And i lose to bird. :rofl::rofl:
So close with DSR crit. Alanqa hp 103 left.
Better luck next strike. I m lvl 10. Only several dino can do epic streak tower.