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Stupid stuff ludia does to creatures

  1. Ludia decides a tortoise can be faster then a Rex.
  2. Flock creatures. They literally take so much to defeat and even if you kinda have the advantage, they absorb the damage and wow, your most powerful was wasted for a measly 630 hp.
    Post your experiences of something like this down here

Nerfing and buffing Smilonemys repeatedly. Leave it alone


Not adding Ceratosaurus.


Y do you use a powerful move when a flock memeber is low? That is your fault

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Buff para lux for no reason at all

Because you could be distracted/they have dodge and you have to go for a powerful move.

not giving us a boost reset I needed one so bad I just took the 50% tax refund


Para lux was terrible and needed a little buff. It was one of the worst legendaries.


Hoping they add it with the Dominion update. We should be getting giganotosaurus and dreadnoughtus that update too.

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I have a good one. Making it to where carno has a lot of superhybrids. 2 of which are op.


make a gen 2 right like the one in the novel

yep. Carno is part of 6 HYBRIDS.

  1. Purutasaurs
  2. Carnotarkus
  3. Scorpius rex
  4. Indoturus
  5. Scorpius rex gen 2
  6. Scorpius rex gen 3

oof i’m trying to get scorp gen 3

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*Making Meiolania super hybrids to both W-Mammoth hybrids
*The ordeal with Compsocaulus and Dodcevia
*Being inconsistent with classes (How do you give a hybrid whose ancestors are the same class a wildcard?)
*No boost reset for when each update rolls out
*Awful names and/or designs for many of its hybrids (looking at you Diloracheirus)


Not buffing certain op creatures ( skoona, indot, etc.) not giving hybrids superhybrids (especially alankylo), and not listening to our suggestions that can make the game WAY better.

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easy peesy really …
If you have the Apex dino Refrenantem unlocked / created by using its alert nullification then follow that by using the super distraction move its goodnight flock blasted away in an instant not just one of them but all 3 of those pesky little sods in one hit ! … try it you will see what i mean ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


not giving alloraptor a superhybrid


sadly i don’t have good creatures, mainly just epics.

so basically when i have the only move that can kill it, i use it since they have 2 against 1 and then they swap, kinda annoying for me

I suddenly remember indo rex has some carno dna, ludia made indo more carno…