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Stupid stuff ludia does to creatures

Text layout and icon is different lol

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They put haast maximus in there too

Morty does 8k damage to eat through dodge even after getting distracted because of the roar rework (with that base damage, attack buff and 40% crit should be a big no).

Make flock creatures with good stats and kit who would be powerful enough without the absorb (effectively trying to beat 3 dinosaurs to get 1 kill.)

Make a hybrid with 3 epics (tryko) useless.

Make a creature so powerful that it can walk in make no offensive move and still kill a 100% health dino (indoT)

Smilonemys: sad kitty purrs


Also ludia: forgets to add phorusrhacids and other dromaeosaurs despite raptors being the same size as an actual turkey

I can’t believe people post after a few months after this was made since no had posted in a while

I mean, Mortem is literally meant to be the ultimate damage dealer, and even then it still has tons of counters. Antarctovenator nullifies Mortem’s attack boost. Spinocon has Instant Distraction, multiple wound attacks, and a high damage rampage. Mortem also gets ruined by fast, high damage attackers, as well as swappers. Phorurex is one of the few creatures that one could argue for it being the best in the game, and that thing destroys Mortem. As long as you have something faster than Mortem (which isn’t hard), you are guaranteed to either deal big damage to it or kill it.

That’s what happens when you try to hide the clusterpool of problems by adding a few rusting shinies instead of actually fixing said problems

ok i guess…

It’s just my experience and I don’t really experience many of those problems since I don’t have the dinos that have the issues

Actually it’s just not dinos half of the general complaints lately is about the game in general such as 3 year old bugs or general mechanics like raid length and tourney formats that intersect with other problems like mortem being unusable in raids lower rarity tourneys dominated by flocks and lack of boost reset
My 2 cents