Stupidly difficult Campaign challenges

I know this has been a consistent topic of complaint since the new revamped campaign was introduced, but some of the mission challenges are incredibly difficult if not completely impossible.
For example:

I tried to not take 1000 damage for about 40 minutes with different Dinos but there’s no chance of it happening unless I one hit everything which you can’t really do at level 13

And the dimorphodon one is so ridiculous since it literally has the lowest attack stat in the game. There’s no way you can do 500 damage nevermind 25k

It’s just stupidly difficult for no apparent reason other than to frustrate the player base

Please sort this out, have a look through the challenges and their requirements and change the ones that are seemingly impossible like the ones shown above

Other than that the new campaign is a lot of fun, it’s nice to reply and trying out dinos you haven’t used in a while is good fun.
But please please please check the challenges are actually possible before implementing them.

By all means if anyone wants to put other campaign challenges that are seemingly impossible under this then do so.

Thank you


I was able to do both of them but it requires a specific lineup to do

Hope this helps


Thank you! It’s just a tad annoying I have to get a lvl 15 dimorphodon

For me I just used my thordorlosaur to do a ton of damage and take like no damage

Its epics or below for me

okay so the two i mentioned were dooable
theres one challenge that asks for one common at lvl 15 but all the dinos are limited to lvl 14 so that one is actually impossible

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for the take no more than 1000 damage I think I just killed everything before they could kill me

The first one is easy when you have level 25 hybrids on your team. The second one is the one that kills me. Like, I have half a mind to level it to level 30 just to survive the Tarbo attacks. It’s too difficult for someone to magically think of on a whim and I think there are others that are unnecessary as well, like the challenge that requires us to have a level 18 Argentavis? Why? Is it supposed to have a Unique hybrid somewhere down the road? I don’t just level up stray dinos (especially when their DNA is hard to gather) on a whim when I don’t have a reason to.

Again for the first one, it was limited to lvl 13 dinos from common to epic. Goes to show it’s broken of people are running lvl 30 dinos

As for the second one - the strategy posted above works, but you do need a lvl 15 dimorphodon

Another mission that is ridiculously stupid is the one were you need a lv 25+ edaphosaurus, and even with a lv 25 it looks impossible (as there is an indom and a indoraptor) so you would probably need a lv 25+ boosted edaphosaurus just to get the mission


Oh really? Wow I somehow managed to go through with a level 13 Hadros Lux and Scorpius Rex G3. Must’ve somehow bypassed the requirements with a glitch… I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like an elitist snob.

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Ew really?! I haven’t come across that yet, OMG I don’t wanna do it :sob::sob::sob::unamused:

I’m trying to save my DNA for hybrids! Why force me to gather DNA for leveling it up when I won’t even use it after the fact I do the campaign? And the rewards aren’t even worth it in the harder challenges.

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Yeah I would just ignore that bonus challenge, it only gives you 500 coins anyway

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Something you cannot say to a completionist

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Not sure how leveled up your dinos are, but once you start getting all your dinos up to 15 - 20, even the horrible ones, it becomes a lot easier.

My highest Dino is level 28 :joy: as I’ve said it told me to use dinos (common to epic) at or under lvl 13. I couldn’t choose anything higher

Just checked my dimorphodon is still level 10 so that’s doable

PPL! for the take no more than 1000 dmg, just use velosrhacos at lvl 13. no need switch, no need boost, just rinse and repeat with rampage and pounce.

It takes less coin leveling up 1 dino to lvl 13 than using 3 dinos to lvl up to 13.
(i’m talkin abt TAKE NO MORE THAN 1,000 DAMAGE! (Jurassic World Alive 2.12) - YouTube)