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„Sturmfahrt“ looking for members, I will join


I’m German and saw the Alliance Name “Sturmfahrt” and I would like to join. My alliance is very bad and over the half didn’t play in tournament.

My name in the game is Robin95 and I’m every day online and also play my 10 kills in tournament.

I’m level 20 and have 4756 points.

It would be great to answer me :slight_smile:


I’m assuming you saw this on the alliance list in the game. Just to let you know, not everyone in JWA is on the forums, so there’s a chance they may not answer if they don’t have users on here(if they do they’ll prob respond but idk). But you can probably try to join them if you hit the send request to join if they accept blind requests and if not I’m sure people here can help you find a suitable alliance