Stuuthiotator the night runner

What do your think
(one of the few not cursed model)


No escape shouldn’t be there and lethal wound should also be maiming wound; only spinosaurids (and a one croc) get that one. Speed reduction res and rend res shouldn’t be there too. Other than that it’s pretty nice

Also is that sail from monolorhino?


It should be legendary, there are too many Epic+Rare uniques now… Plus it will be a pain to level up a continental exclusive to level 20…

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No Escape comes from Suchomimus, so I don’t see a problem, and Irri has Speed Reduction Immunity. I agree with changing Lethal to Maiming Wound and removing Rend Resistance


Doesn’t work with the ornithomimus animation, and neither does speed decrease res

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Meanwhile, Ardentismaxima is out there destroying shields
Animation isn’t really a problem, there are some creatures with abilities and resistances that you won’t naturally see in their animations. I mean, isn’t that the point of a hybrid? To mix things up?


now you have a point

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