Stygi Gen 2

So who else has a ridiculous amount of DNA for this. And yes I’m kicking myself for leveling up to a 15 :woman_facepalming:. It was early in the game and I didn’t know better.

Crossing my fingers for a good hybrid haha.

Yeah I do, I’m stumped as to why it’s an arena dino in Lockdown. It’s just so out of place.

Totally worthless.

that’s just waste of coin…

Agree, it’s worthless

Ludia should fuse it with Tanycolagreus or Lythronax to make them interesting. I have a bucketload of all of them – make these things an Epic or even a Rare. Just to make their DNA more acceptable to the peeps.

Get on it Ludia! :pray:

I’ve actually levelled both my Tanycolagreus and Lythronax to lv14. :grin:

The former was because Tany is still a beast at times, as for the latter…well…I wanted to level up. I have actually used her in the arena a few times just to try and justify her but she’s best described as a distraction. :joy:

Tany is legit leveled up. I’m trying to level mine up right now.

Yup, every incubator gives me Stygi Gen 2, I’m ready for its super hybrid any day now.

Sad thing is this isn’t even the useless dino that I have the most dna of

I can’t understand why they keep giving us worthless trash… But regarding tany I love her nearly got her to 23