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Stygidarix lethal swoop

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Bug Description: When using lethal swoop, the dino didn’t automatically change and receive an attack and got killed

Area is was found in: Epic strike tower

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- SS to pyrritator. Then lethal swoop
Step 2 - Stigy doesn’t automatically change and gets killed
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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Hey Wilshire1966, was Stygidaryx bound that turn?

I’m dumb lol. Yes it was, I just swapped it in. I’m sorry
One more question, I swapped when pyrri did pounce, and then it pounced at me again. Is that possible? Maybe because it is a bot?

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Is it possible that Pyrritator used Distracting Rampage or Armor Piercing Impact instead? As she doesn’t have the pounce ability :sweat_smile: Although the animation looks very similar.

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I think he meant Pyroraptor :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pyroraptor is the one in the strike tower, and from what I’ve seen, she uses DI before Pounce. I wasn’t really paying attention when I did it myself, though. :sweat_smile:

If Stygidaryx was swapped in and took Pyroraptor’s first Pounce, it seems that Pounce would be available again since SS (Superiority Strike) was used before Lethal Swoop, so Pounce cooldown would be off on the Lethal Swoop turn. :thinking:

It was like this:
Turn 1: Stigy swap in
Pyro pounce (no dmg cause of shield)
Turn 2: Pyro pounce (causing lot of dmg cause shield off)
Stigy SS
Turn 3: Stigy lethal swoop
Pyro regular strike (killing my Stigy)

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I’ll let our team know :slight_smile:

Any chance Pyroraptor could have used Distracting Impact instead? @Wilshire1966

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Thanks, though don’t worry too much about it, I won the battle. I was just wondering what happened.

I’m 99% sure that the second turn it used pounce. Can it use DR on turn 1? If so, then it’s totally possible that I thought it pounced on turn 1 when it actually used DR

There’s no turn delay for DI so that is indeed possible. :thinking:

Lol yes. Then indeed that’s what happened. Since I wasn’t paying attention to Stigy being locked by two turns, I ofc wasn’t paying attention to this either :joy:
Thanks for your time @Ned !

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I almost asked a dumb question. I was going to ask if you did zero damage on your second turn, but I just remembered that Stygidaryx’s only damaging move is Superiority Strike. :sweat_smile:

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Hey, I’m just happy I was able to help! :smiley:


Hey, think you could suggest that Ludia give Stygidaryx a second damaging move, preferably an Impact at least? I know her whole gimmick is bleed the opponent out, but she kind of needs it.

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