Stygidarix or Pterovexus

Ok, so with 1.8 in mind, which one would you choose to have it in your team, and why?

  • Stygidarix
  • Pterovexus

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Both useless.

Vote for nothing.

Id have to say daryx because of the swap in invincibility able to hard counter draco if predicted correctly


Vex because it’s made from Invincibility Emu.

I love angry dinosaurs!

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How dare you insult StgydaryxScreenshot_20190611-171716
Just wait till he gets his revenge

He got his revenge all right. Hes in much better shape this patch

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I still can’t make them work. I had to bench the two birds for now. Don’t want to spend boosts on them

Vex for me

Nice Fast bleeder