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Stygidaryx 1.12

Okay, so I’ve mentioned something about Stygidaryx and her new… “Buff”

I don’t call it that. I’ll call it a change, cause that’s what it is. But I don’t believe it’s a buff.

I use Stygidaryx quite a bit, and I’m oftentimes swooping away rather than staying, so I don’t understand why they gave her an ability that would require for her to actually stay in the battle for more than two turns. Perhaps if they gave her one of those new abilities, it could work in her favor. Like, maybe the “On Escape Evasive Strike” so that way, if the opponent tries to switch to something powerful and fast (like Indoraptor), she can survive one more hit before swooping away again. Or even the “On Escape Heal”, so Stygidaryx can have more health, just in case she needs it before swooping. It would make her an actual pain to deal with, and make her switching profile a little more beneficial to her, more or less.

I honestly don’t see her gaining more health for any of these changes - her health is decent enough, right? I just don’t understand why the game devs did this kind of detail on a dino whose play style literally requires them to get in and get out quick. The No Escape mechanism totally contradicts Stygidaryx.

What are y’all thoughts about this?


I get the gimmicky swapping wound but you’re right I don’t understand how 2 attacks literally swap you out and then your new buff requires you to stay. Second for the love of all that’s dino, give her a second actually damaging attack vs 3 non damage or passive damage attacks


Maybe they’re just trolling us.
So far all they’ve given Daryx is “No Escape” from Apex - Low.


i mean, the only useful part of no escape on daryx is when she fights a croc. both are locked in then and her swoops can stack. (no counter attack damage and a shield to absorb a hit.)


Purutaurus and Grypolyth beware!
At least Daryx will have some more applications in Strike Towers now.

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No Escape is good on Daryx. Both bleed will Stack. Give it a Defense Shattering Impact instead of Instant Invincibility. In that Daryx could be great.

I mean, yeah it can stack - if the opposite dino isn’t boosted to high hell with a high attack stat. And it normally isn’t fast enough to be able to stack the bleed.

If the opponent is slower than Daryx, it’s gonna have absurd attack. Might only get one attack off.

If the opponent is faster, it’s gonna have boosted attack, slow, and/or crit to high hell. Daryx might only have the chance to use Cleansing Swoop, and pawn off the next dino as bait.

It’s happened to me several times. And on top of that, a lot of peeps in the Library have immune dinos, so there’s that.

The only time I was lucky enough to do both bleeds was when I was fighting a level 30 Suchotator. It’s super unreliable, relying on the opponent to be low health, not immune, and Daryx to actually be able to get damage off to wait out that Lethal Swoop.


Or you know if your opponent has something like cleansing strike, impact, or prowl they can sit there and troll u

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Lol purutaurus is slower and has cleanse tho right?

Yeah, realised too late lol :man_facepalming:

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Lol actually speaking of it

What about something insane?

What if Daryx had that passive ability that Spinoconstrictor has? What’s it called again?

Wounding counter. That would make it waay better. It would be able to do damage on swap-in, and it would make Instant Invincibility actually useful.

Well the thing is it would have to hope it doesn’t get stunned for one shot cause it be few to comes after it gets hit plus it does not damge

This update has a lot to do with balancing all the swapping crap. They nerfed it’s swap out by buffing it with a anti swap ability. 2 for 1 sounds good to me.

Wait… Soo the no escape ability works on the immune dinos too?

I haven’t come across that scenario myself, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the On Escape ability general animation.
In this case, what would happen next is the Ardonto’s Immunity would show with a pulse of blue hexagonal tiles on the floor, and then it would swap anyway.


Nope :-1:t2: it doesn’t

Well that’s a same but totally expected.

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It would make No Escape way better. It would give Stygidaryx a better reason to stay in and take the abuse. Trapping everyone while bleeding them out without even trying. Stygidaryx would be a monster, and it wouldn’t even have to move too much.

Of course, it would still be wrecked by those immune to bleed, whether it’s partially or completely, so there’s the weakness.

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