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Stygidaryx 1.12

Or any chomper, speedsters, stunner, cleaner…

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Haha, yeah. Anybody super strong would still give Daryx a hard time.

But if the opponent is faster than Daryx, and they hit her with a cleaning move, then the counter would still put the bleed on them again. So that’s the bleed chipping away at them still.

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Yup, that’s the good thing about wounding counter. You can’t avoid it unless you’re Immune to DoT or you’re Immune to swap prevention and use a hit-and-run move (because of No Escape). Or you don’t hit the user at all, but that probably wouldn’t end well lol.

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Stigydaryx would be great with a counter-attack. That way constantly swooping would actually do considerable damage, or you could stay in and stall with Instant Invincibility.

I’ve always wanted a slow swooper, a tanky creature that can take a hit and then swoop to the next creature, giving whatever’s next a safe entry. It would be way less situational that a fast swooper like all the ones we have currently.
Plus, since the opponent acts before the swap, they can’t cleanse it, and also any SIA your next creature has will stick till the next turn.

Imagine if they took away Daryx’s speed, making it slower than most creatures but giving it armour instead. They could probably come up with some whacky explanation for why, like maybe it inherits a really heavy, powerful skull and spine from Pachy but is slower as a result. Or just go the genetic-experiment-gone-wrong path, like with Erlik G2.

With armour and a counter, and very importantly low speed, I think Daryx could do well with it’s current moveset.

But I guess they could save that build for another future dino.


This is how I get my daryx to work like a boss. Stacked with specific dinos, this is very specific. Pay closely.

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I am so mad and yet laughing rn you have no idea

Maybe they could do that with Alankylosaurus. What better armored flyer than her? Mix her DNA with Titanoboa G2 DNA, and we could get this exact profile for a decent Unique that doesn’t really care about speed.

Alankyloboa (Unique):
Health: 4200
Armor: 25%
Speed: 115
Attack: 1150

-Shielded Decelerating Strike
-Precise Rampage
-Long Invincibility
-Lethal Swoop

-On Escape Dust Cloud
-Wounding Counter

I say that she wouldn’t care about speed, which is true, but at the same time, the speed control is always helpful. Also, it could be a last minute speed control for the next dino that we want to use. I tried my best to use the best of both creatures, and tweak moves from Alanky to make her better. Superior Strike to Shielded Deceleration Strike is an improvement, since there will always be damage on the sidelines to make up for any and all Distraction moves that may be used, while also being true to her Shield gimmick.
In addition to the gimmick, I added On Escape Dust Cloud to add more shields to the mix, while incorperating her Boa ancestry. Precise Rampage is self explanatory - it’s already an upgrade to the plain Rampage Alanky had, not to mention how the Boa has it. Wounding Counter punishes enemies with every bit of damage dished out, whether it’s a full hit or if it’s deflected by armor/shields. Despite the bleed, her attack is a general raise from her flier parent, which, I hope, is an acceptable buff.

Sorry about that. I wanted to talk about Stygidaryx, and I’m over here creating whole new hybrids. Even so, would you guys like this hybrid?

Swoop? Wounding counter? From um where exactly

Spinoconstri got it it cause of well spino

Yeah, true. What would be your ingredients then? Spino G2? Scaphognathus? Perhaps Sarcosuchus?

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More like Darwezopterx and sarcocuchus

Or maybe pura so it can get lockdown impact or a ferocious move

Pura on Alanky? And then Darwez on Sarco? That does sound like it could verify Armor and Bleed glore. It could also be a thing for No Escape, since all Crocs have it.

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But it would lose SI-Invincibility and Immunity to Distraction?
I suppose it’s not a bad tradeoff though. It wouldn’t do too well against Magna or Procera, but it would make up for it against non-immunes. Plus it would still do well against Indominus rex.

Theoretically, if someone kept switching around, (or if an AI was being ridiculous and kept doing a switch fest), the Invincibility would come up once more. Instead of coming in with the immediate shield and relying on a full switch about to reactivate, you would just have to wait for someone to get frustrated enough to switch, then the shield pops up again. And then the attack buff would help with distraction. Not a lot, but decently enough.

True. Sounds pretty strong.
But back to Daryx.

Haha, yes. Sorry guys, went off topic.

Anyway, I still think something has to change for Daryx for her to excel in her little niche. Would it still be the l Daryx we all know if she lost her Lethal Swoop or her Cleansing Swoop to an attacking move?

That’s the thing, if you take away either, it’s no longer Daryx. But both of those moves are just plain bad on a fast creature with little in the way of defenses.
Hence why adding a decent counter would make so much of a difference.
You could give it other ways to deal damage though. A change in SIA could work.
Swap-in wounding headbutt, anyone?

Or perhaps a different On Escape ability. It would work especially well if you swapped in on a Hit-and-run move with SI-Invincibility, then performed the On Escape ability.
How about…On Escape Lockdown Rampage?
That would be particularly good against Rinex, Phorusaura, Erlidominus, Diloracheirus, Paramoloch and Tuoramoloch. Oh, and Smiloceph and Smilon. Wow, that is a long list.

On Escape Definite/Defense Shattering Rampage could also work I guess, because Darwez.
Or what about something crazy like On Escape Rending Takedown?
Daryx is supposed to be coming down and skull-bashing dinos from the air after all, that would do serious damage.

Another Option :

Superiority Strike

Rending Attack

Debilitating Swoop: Deal 0.25x DoT over 2 turns, opponent damage reduced by 75% for 2 turns. Automatic Swap.
Delay-0, Cooldown-2.

Lethal Swoop

SIA- SI-Invincibility
OEA- On Escape Dust Cloud.

I think Cleansing Swoop is practically redundant on something that fast and defenceless anyway, so I replaced it with something that suits a speedster. Same with Instant Invincibility, so I gave it something with which to better handle Immunes.
Btw, Rending Attack is the one the rhinos have, 0.4x opponent health, with no delay and a 1-turn cooldown. If your opponent swaps, that becomes 0.6x, same as Rending Takedown.

Also, even if Daryx isn’t locked down from swapping in, it can still swap relatively safely to the next dino with Debilitating Swoop.
As for where the moves come from, Debilitating Swoop is…a Swoop, and Rending Attack could be interpreted as an upgrade from Darwez’s Defence-Shattering Impact.

This Daryx can also be used to revenge-kill say… a
boosted Maxima, Thor, Mammotherium or even Gemini with the right prediction, so I think it’s much more versatile.