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Stygidaryx is it worth it

Hi. Does anyone have one in their team. I have a Lvl 22, I can lvl it up, but is it worth it? I only hav 3 other uniques. I would be swapping it with a lvl 26 Suchinator. Thanks

It’s fun to play with and can be useful, but there are many better options for the endgame… I can tell you, you won’t be seeing many of them in the upper arenas. I haven’t seen one for months.

it as a very niche play style that can make it difficult to use properly. i don’t know of very many players that use her for that reason.

Thanks. I can see how it’s can be useful but it seems mainly defensive with no real teeth

Thanks. I think I’ll keep my coin. :grin:

It kind of a swap based creature that pairs well with bulky teammates (especially Grypolyth). It’s reliance on bleed tho, as well as it’s lackluster stats make it hard to play.

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Try Dimodactylus in Epic Tourneys, the gimmick is similar

Only really works well in tandem with a swap-synergetic team (Grypo, Dio, MonoRhino, etc). But boy is it fun to have a team like that.

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