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Stygidaryx pros and cons


Almost created stygidaryx. I love how it looks and it is one of my favourite creatures, but I don’t really know how well it will stand up in the arena. I am in Lockwood Estate. Any tips would be great


Create it, and forget it. Its swap in invincibility is great, but other than that… meh.


Ok. I mean I have Thor and Tryko and Indo


Almost got Erlidom


It’s damage is just not worth it, and the cleanse and swoop thing doesn’t really do enough DoT, but you generally get trashed waiting for the high damage DoT move. I’ve kept up with mine (L24) in case of a much needed buff, but until then… on the bench.


I feel as if it will get buffed


Pro(s), swap in invincibility. Swap out in wound (sometimes). It can be used to troll all those cheeky chickens. Look at their faces of disappointment when their cloaked + critical rampage crashes against a shield with no effect.
It’s also fun against tanks. You can swap in and out multiple times to stack bleeding on and watch them die.

Cons, everything else. No damage. Puts you in disadvantageus situations very often.


In the paper is a great dino and very fun to use in friendly Batles, in the arena specially in the aviary it has no business
Very good set of movements but it needs a big buff in the health to be worthy as a unique.

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