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Stygidaryx swapping out at will

I just met a Stygidaryx in Lockwood Library with no apparent limitations to swap out after swapping in. Immediately after swapping in with invincibility, it used cleansing swoop and flew away. The opponent used it repeatedly to annoy me out of this world. I guess it’s broken. 2 round cooldown is what it’s supposed to be, right?

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Ability cooldowns don’t work that way. The moment it gets swapped out, the cooldown becomes nonexistent, because the creature is not in play.

I probably used the term ’cooldown’ wrongly. It should have been ’unable to swap for 2 rounds after swapping in’
I find it hard to believe that it can swap in with invincibility, swap out with cleansing wound next round and at the same time use no_escape. Then return on the next round again with invincibility and bleed the opponent once again by using cleansing wound. The guy did this three times in a row against my dioraja who was not able to do anything at all to harm it.
As far as I know, it should be forced to stay for two rounds regardless of using cleansing swoop immediately after swapping in.

But cleansing wound cleanses negative effects, like lockdown. He was just using Stygidaryx properly


That’s Stigydaryx’s whole gimmick. Cleansing Swoop Cleanses the swap-prevention, allowing it to swap out. This strategy actually works best against counter-attackers like Diorajasaur, and it’s not very good in most other situations, unless the user gets lucky with the creature order.

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Regeneration of the rat used to be that way until it was changed to omit ’unable to swap’. Cleansing swoop cleanses everything?

If that really is supposed to be a better move than regeneration of the past, stygi is/will be a force. An unsportsmanlike force maybe, but a force in any case.

That never happened. I think you’re confusing Regeneration-and-run with Regeneration. R&R lost the cleanse completely, while Regeneration didn’t.

Generally speaking, Cleanse Cleanses everything, unless specified otherwise.


Ok, thanks. I’m happy with that then :+1:

Finding the Stig quite usefull against the 3 Ugly raptor sisters, now indo G1/2 can’t break it’s shield and even Erli can be slowed… nice to have some fun with the dragon against the heavily boosted Raptor teams :grinning:


There might be a point of using that 200k of stygimoloch g2 -dna at some stage…

broken Daryx?

aRE YOU joking?

Seems you didn’t have one when Daryx users suffered immune meta, plagued of ardentis, geminis, magnas…


I suffered from that a whole lot until now…

Can’t say it’s really good that those speedsters like Erlikospyx, Quetzorion, Dlioracherius, Utarinex got DoT resistance but it’s more easier to deal with than 1.14 Maxima/Gemini

When I could create it, I had that question. I thought it would be better if he didn’t get rid of the lock so that way he could use he could also use his other bleeding move but he definitely cleans up from the lock. That way it is useful depending on the equipment you have and I have put it together thinking about hehe.

So then wouldn’t Styg be a natural counter for Maxima and Tryko like Thyla?

and now i’m testing this

Cleansing Swoop only takes out half of the opponent’s HP. You’d have to pull it off twice, meaning one or even two of your other creatures are gonna have to take damage too.

Personally I prefer Dimodactylus. Just Cleansing Swoop into something else, then Swap-in Wound back in. If Maxima doesn’t swap, KO. Stigydaryx was actually supposed to get Swap-in Wound too, but they changed their mind for some reason, or just made a mistake.

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Daryx shouldn’t have gained Swap immunity. Well… now Crocodile has gained basic purification attack (or whatever in English) it is kind of useles against it, which was the perfect dino to kill using bleed.