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Stygidaryx users? Looking for some feedbacks/advice


Testing out Stygidarix in arena. Level 21 one, way below my team level but i think that in stygi’s particular case level is not a fundamental requirement for what it’s supposed to do (DoT and swap in invincibility).
By now i didn’t found many scenarios in which stygi has been useful, especially after st. Patrick’s day and the new all erlidom and trykos running in arena. Certainly i have to understand how and when to use it properly, Because i think that this dino has a great potential: it can do a lot of stuff and in different ways.
What do you think??


@Piere87, @ResearchGirl

Any suggestions for this fella?
I am thinking the Headbutting birb could be useful for tanking an Erlidominus Cloak + Rampage or Bleeding Trykosaurus dry, but since I don’t exactly have experience with it, I’d leave this one to you, ladies.

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I have mine at 24 and still haven’t found a good use for it with all of the Magna and Erlidom running around. The swap in invincibility is very useful against Erlidom, but the problem is, Daryx doesn’t have an attack outside of it’s superiority strike. It’s also slower than Erlidom and while you can take a hit, you have to wait to swap back out.

It is a very situational dino and works well with other swap heavy dinos. It pairs beautifully next to Edmontoguanadon and Dracocera and another tank. You swap it in to tank a hit and then cleansing swoop out to (hopefully a tank or Eddie) that can delay some of the bleed damage. I was able to successfully use it against an Indor once when their DSR and Cleansing were both on cool down but that usually doesn’t happen very often.

You’ll have to just play with it a bit and see if it works on your team. But I don’t think I’m going to be able to put it back on my team until it gets another damage move. I would love to see the lethal swoop go away (it doesn’t need 2 swoop moves) and get replace with a defense shattering move like Darwez has.

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I agree with the lethal swoop thing. Especially because when you swap in stygi, it’s bounded for 2 turns, while lethal swoop has 1 turn delay. But if after the one turn delay you use lethal swoop the move doesn’t swap the dino cause it’s bounded for 2 turns. It makes no sense. It’s kinda contradictory


Just don’t bother. Collectors item for now tbh
Just like vexus


I never understood why it wasn’t Vexus who got the lethal swoop


So far, I like my Stygidaryx. It’s been helpful tanking cloak rampages and bleeding Trykos and over leveled Stegodeus. I do with it had a second attack, but lethal swoop is super useful. Especially in harder strike towers.


Hi it’s best move is the cleansing swoop mines l24 you swap in then get straight out, at the moment I can’t use it in top 250 as there are far to many chompers about