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So I finally unlocked this beautiful beast last weekend and I absolutely love the look of her.

I went ahead an put it on the team because the idea of playing with SIA and swap out abilities really appealed to me. Cleansing swoop is amazing in the right situation.

That, however, is also my problem with this dino. It is way too situational. I have won a couple of epic battles with it, but then I have also lost battles because I have it. Especially against immune defense shattering dinos.

I really wish lethal swoop was lethal would so you can do some sort of damage to your opponent. Or maybe even defense shattering impact like Darwez.

I just really hope they re-think these unique birds. I really want to like them, but I feel like they just don’t fit in the current meta. Has anyone else has better luck with it? Because I think this one is on my short list to get the boot after I create a couple more dinos ( especially Erlidom).


I agree @Piere87… the moveset is an interesting one to say the least. But ultimately, it’s
Only effective against a small minority of popular dinos. Most can either defense shatter the swap-in, can run away before the bleed becomes fatal or are immune

Not to say it’s not worth while, but as you said: situational.


Magna= ds/immune

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I have successfully used it against Indoraptor once because I timed it perfectly (swap in on the strike) and I was able to cleanse and swoop into Dracocera to take it out.

It’s also decent against Spinotasuchus if you predict the Crit hit. The cleanse and swoop of Daryx will clear any bleed Spino puts down while either putting a bleed on Spino or the next dino if Spino swaps.

I just don’t think it needs 2 swoop moves. They seem redundant to me. Take away the lethal swoop and give it a real hit so you can actually do something once you get in there.


100%! It needs a combo of damaging moves and bleeding moves.


Better if cleanse and swoop be replaced with cleansing impact.


I actually really like the cleanse and swoop move. I’d prefer they replace lethal swoop with an impact move. Or just make it lethal wound.


Tbh, they should just move Lethal Swoop to Vexus, like I used to believe for 5 days straight that it has that spell.

And give Stygydarix either a lethal wound or a Defense shattering move (both seems reasonable considering Darwezopteryx)

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I totally agree 100% with your assessment. I am working on creating it; however, I have had my doubts. Your idea about defence shattering would make it a very fordable unique. I hope Ludia really considers your idea.


It doesn’t do any damage and relies on bleeding without armor. It needs completely reworked, but the three ingredients are all bad to begin with. In a team of 8, there are so many better choices. It needs about 4-500 more damage and CI at least.


What does the frequency represent? Amount of people that had it in your (or who ever made the chart) previous 100 battles?


I’ll stockpile the DNA and wait to see which one is buffed better before jumping in.
Or more likely I’ll get impatient and create the wrong one a day before it’s reworked.
They both seem really useful for strike towers but not meta

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Since I already created Daryx I guess I already made my choice. I’ll probably do the same and just stockpile to see if getting Darwin to 20 is even worth it. I eventually want to create both. Hopefully next patch will give them some love.


Hey @Aaron_Norris!
These are the amount of times a Dino appeared in the top 100 teams last tournament


Yeah magna should have better representation in the next season… so stygydarexs situation didnt get any better then that chart shows.


I’m thinking the same thing… magna may not be in the top 5, but it’ll comfortably be in the top 10. Rinex may slide a little from spot 4 and spinota & Erlidom may climb a few spots. Tryostronix will fall out of the top 10. Besides that, I don’t think the list will change too much.


Honestly, I was thinking he gonna be around stegods spot. Maybe not quite as many used but I feel like its only as high as it is cause its manys first 30… more seasons go by more people have options of replacing him.


It’s actually become pretty popular since the update. Personally, I think I’ve seen more magnas than tryostronix around my tier.

It’s a great counter against the most popular lead dinos (Except Erlidom) so I think this trend will only grow as time goes on


Yeah the buff definitely upped its usage rate for me. Honestly, I didnt really want to be bothered with making it, and now I want one lol.


It’s a ton of fun to use! It’ll usually bring down one Dino, but then get killed next round.

But I’ll tell ya bro, I don’t think I’ll be leveling any hybrids with arena exclusive ingredients anymore … at least not to use in the arena anyway.

Getting This thing where it’s at now was a massive struggle