Stygimoloch DNA Question


Does this guy ever show up on the map or do I just have to evolve it 16 dna/ incubator?

Side question : where can I find triceratops dna. I’m level 12 and have only seen it on the map 3 times.

Thanks in advance


Stygimoloch is an arena exclusive. No spawns without a special event for them going. Triceratops can spawn anywhere during the day but has a higher spawn chance around gas stations. Supposedly they won’t spawn at night unless it’s at a gas station.


never seen the styg in the wild… only incubators (for me anyway - 4200-4300/Jurassic Ruins)


I find Triceratops all over the place but mostly around gas stations and small mom & pop shops. They are a daytime spawn creature but very rarely have been seen during the dusk map phase too.


Ive never heard that term before. What’s a mom & pop shop? :slight_smile:


Mom & pop shops are small non franchise shops. We have an “old town shopping district” in my town that has about 50 privately owned and ran stores. Most of them only have a few non owner employees.


It spawns at gas stations I can assure you. Every night when i see whats around my home i see a troll Tricera in a gas station ner my home but just out of VIP range. And just like 15 min ago i was walking that area with my dogs.