Stygimoloch...does this dino exist in JWLive?


I purchased a $1.99 incubator/deal after reaching the 3rd battle area. While clicking on the images of what I bought, I swore I received epic DNA of the stygimoloch; however, it doesn’t appear in my collection of dinosaurs. It did have the gold color frame and did not look like the T-rex that I already have. Am I mistaken with this? Does stygimoloch exist in the game? If so, where did my new epic dinosaur go?

If you need more information from me, please let me know.


He does exist. If you did not collect enough DNA for him (150 to create), he will be located in the “not collected” section at the bottom of your dinosaur list.


It does exist but does not spawn in the wild - it’s an arena exclusive.


Yeah i got my first 10 dna yesterday


I swore i got him when i reached level 3 arena but he isn’t in my dinosaur list? Where has he gone?


Hey Ceecee, It’s possible that you didn’t get enough DNA to create the Stygimoloch. You can see how much DNA is required to create a specific dinosaur by going in your collection and scrolling down to the “Not Collected” page.

I hope this helps.


He’s not in the not collected area?Screenshot_2018-07-23-17-45-40|250x500



Looking at the screenshots of your collected DNA (since you don’t have Stygimoloch) there, I think you are referring to the Arena Exclusive pop-up picture that comes showing the Arena Exclusive when you reached Arena 3. That pop-up intends to tell that Stygi is the new Arena Exclusive but you don’t actually receive it.

You have to collect it by gaining EPIC DNAs through the Arena Incubators. If you purchased any incubator and it had a picture of Stygi on it, that too just says that there is a possibility of the dinosaur being in that incubator and doesn’t guarantee it!


That’s the answer. He doesn’t understand that he receive no DNA for reaching this lvl.


Ok thanks, TheGreatFutsby the gender clue is in the name :smirk:


Oh sry if I made a mistake :sweat_smile: