Stygimoloch epic and Irritator in game DNA and stop bot level 30


stygimoloch epic and irritator in game please, no receive in arena 7, no found dna =/ and stop bot level 30


Some of the 8-hr arena incubs will give you Stygimoloch DNA. It’s random, but I’ve gotten it before.


One time i get, its long time to upgrade. And this bots level 30. Need stop…


Honestly, Danilo… Stygimoloch isn’t the best epic to have on a team, unless it’s on a lower level arena, like S.S. Arcadia. I typically don’t get too worried about epics I know I won’t use in my team, so getting them in free incubs is better than tracking them down in the wild.


I want only unlock dinos, no team.


=/. please Ludia… bored , i can not unlock dinos…