Stygimoloch Gen 2 Glitch! No Chance to Stun!


It says Stygi will stunn at 10% chance but it’s actually 0% chance! I confirmed this throughout battles where I have used this attack over 100 times without a stun one single time. The most obvious reason this is not working is when you attack an immune creature like Indominus Rex. It should say immune during the attack but it doesn’t do that meaning there is no chance to Stun as the effect is not properly working. Lydia please fix this glitch and give me a bounty reward for finding it and reporting it.


Don’t worry.

Recently I went against a dino with 15% chance of stun that somehow managed to stun me 3 times in a row and pretty much batted 100% stun every time.

Yet I’m lucky to ever stun no matter how many times I try with a dino. It’s stupid and something is obviously going on.

15% or less shouldn’t mean a stun almost every single time.


The stunt on my stigy works really good.


And once again, somebody doesn’t understand the maths behind possibilities. The 10 % doesn’t mean that Your dino will stun at least every tenth attack. It just means that you have a chance of 10 % of stunning your enemy on every attack. the percentages doesn’t stack up, so to say, you missed 4 stuns in a row that it will count up to 40 % for the attack. And by the way I had streaks where even the stun with 75% chance dind’t work out in 8 consecutive battles. So nothing is broken, it’s just bad RNG.


It only says immune on an immune dino if the stun actually procd…if it didnt then it will just be normal


This attack has a 90% failure rate. It is within the realm of possibility that if you were asked to pick a black marble from a bag with 9 white marbles and 1 black one, that you could draw 100 times (returning the chosen marble to the bag each time) and never pick the black marble.

A bounty for reporting it? Really?


I totally forgot to mention that I am talking about Stygimoloch GEN 2. Sorry about that. I mean the common dino not the epic dino.

I have literally NEVER stunned using this attack after hundreds and hundreds of uses of the move.

When you attack an immune dino with a stun attack it always says “Immune” but this does not happen on the Gen 2 Stygimoloch.

Something is wrong with the attack. None of the responses below negated what I’m saying. It’s a real issue.


I’m not talking about marbles I’m talking about Jurassic World Alive. The attack literally never produces a stun. You should try it out and report your findings instead of playing with marbles your comment is useless.


That is not true because it says immune every time I do defense shattering impact even when the dino has no shield.


Terrible comment because not only are you rude but you are wrong.


I meant the Gen 2 sorry. I forgot to write it in the OP.


You mean Ludia right? Do you have proof for what you say ? You say 100 encounters but do you have a record?
And a bounty please :joy:

I don’t know why people just don’t accept bad luck. It happens all the time. Someone already answer that it’s working so no “0% chance” sorry.

By the way, 10% chance is per roll and it doesn’t stack. You could do 100 in a row, the 101th will still be only a 10% chance to stun :wink:


Are you really so dense as to not understand what a metaphor is? Or perhaps a basic understanding of probability is what you are lacking?


Defense shattering is not a move that works on percentages. So even if there is no shield it is still hitting them with the skill 100% of the time and therefore it will say immune.


Thats because immune dinos are immune to defense shattering strikes shield breaking. Its why ankycodon doesnt lose his shield vs trex and other shield breakers so its effect always happens when used which is why it says immune everytime.


Woahh is there really any need for all the arguing



8 times in a row! Wow dude you are unlucky that’s over 6500 to 1 chance of happening


According to Ludia there’s only a 10% chance of that happening.