Stygimoloch not stunning


Since the last patch, Stygimoloch’s instant charge, which is supposed to stun 100%, hasn’t stunned different dinosaurs, including a Raptor recently. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce it on purpose but it has happened to me three times since the last patch. Please check this out ASAP because Styg is useless without that. Thanks!


It’s not 100% stun… there, solved


Same hapening to me whit allosinosaurus, in the descripton says 100% stun


Erm, No, No it doesn’t


No, Instant Charge’s stun chance is nowadays 75%! And I don’t like it, because I use also myself Stygimoloch (both, gen 1 and gen 2) and then, when I need it… Sorry, you don’t win this match!


Stegcerotops is new king of stun I feel


The Stygimoloch does not have 100% stun.


Yes it does, the description sais guaranted stun

But some times is not guaranted


This is what it show me!


Not always :wink: I went up against a stego one level under mine and although I had the advantage of going first my stun failed and his stun worked :dizzy_face:!

Luck of the draw


In Spanish the description says, literally, “Guaranteed stun” but it seems that in English says 75% chance to stun… did this change in the last patch and Ludia forgot to translate it properly?


Sounds like they forgot to translate it if you look in patch notes you can see the move is different now. Sucks for instant stunners that didn’t receive a buff in stats while their main gimmick got nerfed. I wonder if the move would have stayed the same if utahsinoraptor didn’t have it!?