Stygimoloch OP now


Stuns way too much plz nerf


Are you joking? Stygi can be one-shotted by any raptor before it can get an attack in. Most people don’t use impact and run as their opening move with stygi, anyway.


Please nerf any dino defeat my team.:joy:


LOL my team has a ways to go before challenging yours, Tarbo.


If you think stymoloch is op wait util you see utharinex that thing is broken now whit 1 turn instant charge now and his insane dmg and speed


That damn utha is pretty dangerous now lol


Yeah except the entire Raptor squad and Pyroraptor all of which it’s faster than


LOL you still use the Blue Squad in the arena? My team eats them for breakfast. Pyroraptor is an easy takedown as well.

The raptor meta’s over, man… get over it and move on…


I think you must be early game still because any dino early game can be considered OP.


No I’m in badlands with a full squad of epic creatures


Don’t come with conclusion when you fight at low tier. I m same as you when in badland, but i try diference tactic to come up with batlle. I like batlle coz it not just as simple as pokemon batlle. We need to think what opponent move and counter it. Some time you need to change your team. Experience make us stronger. Keep it in mind. And stop moan that dino to Op. You will get that dino either.


Full squad of epic doesn’t mean they’re the best. A good mix of common, rare and epics can still be better for that level of arena. Styg really isn’t op.