Stygimoloch still takes priority

Well battled to Lockwood, opened my daily incubator hoping for a change, and nope just note Stygimoloch DNA, 90 at that. I was hoping with the shake up that they would actually award arena based dinos as I really need Erlikosaurus. I’m now 6 arenas away from where stygimoloch is an arena dino. Wish they didn’t do this…

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You opened a single incubator. Proves nothing.


I got Alanqa in mine so no it does not take priority anymore

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I sure hope you’re right, because I’m tired of getting Stygi DNA Everytime I open a daily or golden incubator.

ditto here

Was the incubator from before the update?

That doesn’t matter, because I obtained an 8 hr incubator last night and I couldn’t open it until the update was finished. I got Pyroraptor, Suchomimus, and Alanqa DNA. So it doesn’t matter whether it was obtained last night or 2 hours ago.

I have an 8-hour incubator I got today after the update so I guess we’ll see what happens with that one

It was the daily incubator fr after the update, I have a new 8 hr on so we’ll see.

Got Allo, Dracorex, Raja and Alanqa from old 8 hour incubator.

Alanqa here too… thank god, tired of stygi

I’ve been attacked 7 times got stun every time …this is ridiculous…

What areas are you in that is giving Alanqa?

Got an 8 hour from last night i statyed this morning. Got nunda, spino, monoloph, and alanqa…

I guess you always have plenty of the arena exclusive DNA… The fact the daily incubator is limited to the exclusives is good because the rates for the DNA is way too low otherwise. (It still is even in the current state)

The problem is there are only 2 arena exclusive epics, so it’s always 50/50 between those 2.

Yeah well just opened my 8 hour incubator… 18 Alanqa and 18 Stygi. So still getting it…