Stygimoloch & Stygimoloch gen 2

Am I the only one who keep getting stygimoloch gen 2 dna in every single incubator!? Is getting me so annoyed, is been 3/4 days now…


Not every single incubator, but nearly for me.

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Same. Every incubator without fail has had the DNA in there… I would prefer Any other dino lol


Same here and it’s getting so annoying. Useless dino, not even hybrid material.

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Thank god im not the only one…hope this gets fixed…I can’t get anything else…just that dino…

I keep getting purrosauros ):<

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THAT TOO! And Irritator. Those are the three I get the most, followed by irrigator gen 2. And all of them are so damn useless! :rage:

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Yeah those 2 rares are the ones I get always too…

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I mean, there are so many amazing dinosaurs supposedly available from incubators! Velociraptor, apatosaurus, allosaurus, amargasaurus, nodosaurus, utahraptor, triceratops… and yet all we get is stygimoloch gen 2, stygimoloch gen 2, irritator, stygimoloch gen 2, purrusaurus, irritator gen 2, stygimoloch gen 2 and if you are lucky some gorgosaurus. Fffffs


Hmm, can’t complain. I’m actually getting a lot of different things from Arena Incubators. Yeah, many Irritator 2nd Gen … but I appreciate him as an exclusive.

But the amount of DNA from Arena is not that high, so you would need ages to finish something.

Yup, been really annoying. I wouldn’t complain if styg gen 2 was anywhere to decent. But the little guy is one of the worst in the game.

I’ve got 14,467 stygi gen 2 dna, and he’s at level 11. I’m never going to use it unless I have enough extra coins to level him up to 20+

Pray for a hybrid to come out using her soon?

Umm hello paramoloch and pyrirritaror ?

Obviously not the gen 2 variety

3-4 days??? Get used to it. I’ve been getting it for 6-8 weeks. Now at level 14 plus 1,664 DNA towards level 15.

You are not the only one it’s getting annoying as it’s totally useless

Winning if he eventually gets a hybrid :joy:

Here’s hoping for a hybrid sometime in the future, sooner rather than later and I will continue to collect its DNA :ok_hand:t3:

Can’t remember why I had even bothered to upgrade it to level 17. It’s costly and useless.

Anyone actually find “Impact and Run” useful at all? My gripe is, we can’t control who would be swapped with and that’s too risky!