When is there ever going to be another event involving the Stygimoloch, the only time we ever had that was during the first week of JWFK in Theaters. We keep getting irritator in the events which is good for the Pyrritator, but when is Stygi going to get another one? That’d be very helpful for the Paramoloch

Out of curiosity what arena are you in?

I am in the Sorna Marshes with 3362 trophies.

I get Stygimoloch mostly from incubators. I get 15dna on the 8hr incubator and 18dna on the 10win incubator. Sometimes I’ll get 80+dna from the 10 win incubator so in all honesty just keep grinding. It’s not like anyone is wining money from playing this game so it’s seems ridiculous to be so concerned with it. I lost all motivation to play to win since pay to win players have the advantage or those who live in better locations

Honestly, I’ve made paramoloch and tuoramoloch. I don’t use either one. They’re both pretty useless. If that helps lower the frustration a bit…


Creating my paramoloch definitely took forever. I would aways got a 10 every single time.

Cool :slight_smile:
I only ask as I’ve been in Sorna for forever and constantly get Stigi DNA - got my Para, but now am waiting for Tuojiangosaurus to get up from level 16 to 20 to get Tour… so currently swamped with Stigi DNA… there’s many maaaany other epics, rares and commons I would rather have in special events TBH.

The easiest way to get stygi dna honestly is to just go vip for a month… it turns your defeat 10 creatures incubator into a large incubator and you will get atleast 18 stygi dna in it every night…

Collect the dna you need then unsubscribe if you dont want too.

Funny you mention this dino, I’m currently doing a battle with a friend and I think he’s mad cuz she kept stunning his stegosaurus and then killed it without it hurting her. She killed two dinos by herself. I’m so proud!

Anyways, I get her dna from the incubators that you have to kill 10 dinos for. That, and the other incubators from Lockdown, since I can’t escape from that arena and if I do, I drop back down shortly after. :frowning:

Edit: had no idea VIP made the incubator with the 10 creature kill into the big one.

i would like to go VIP in the game, cuz the extended drone range would be really nice, and i know it gives great rewards. But, at the same time, i’m constantly trying to save money, and i don’t wanna pay $10 for that. I’ve already spent more than enough money on one time offers (i like buying those because the coins and cash rewards are excellent, the dna isn’t very good from them) i would like to keep saving up for future investments in my music career. But hey, that’s just me :slight_smile:

You get more from one time offers than the vip. I canceled mine because it isn’t worth it. The range only increases a little and I feel like the battery life has gone down. 10 a month and nothing to show for it. They claim special offers in the store but non vips get the same thing so nothing special there. It’s a joke.