Why stygimoloch is that bad lol, he is fast but doesn’t do any dmg, I though he was going to have atleast more chance to crit but is just terrible…can’t even suvive 1/2 hits to get out the instant charge


Yesh mine gets blasted away before I can charge or swap. And I was hoping he would be an awesome add to the team too


Her ability delays need to be swapped: the stunning ability should have 1 turn delay and the run away ability, 2. That would fix her at once.


if her first stun works then she has a chance to kill a 2000+ HP opponent.
skill 1, skill 1 (again), skill 3, then skill 2 to hit an run.


Yeah but is so random and just trash most of the time, and it doesn’t event have good dmg


i want unlock stygimoloch but no receive dna…


I’m always 2-shotting stygies in the arena. Their attacks need to be fixed, otherwise why call it an ‘epic’?