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Styig & alanqa rewards


Is anyone else getting these two constantly from 8 hour incubators?

I’m hoping this is a glitch. If not can someone please explain to me why this has been a thing for months.

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I don’t think it’s a glitch. People complained about the guaranteed Stygi rewards, so Ludia mixed it up by giving people a chance at Alanqa as well, along with another dinosaur like before.

I’d rather go back to guaranteed Stygi at this point.

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It was like that but I think it really should be any epic at random and so the players would be waiting for the moment to open the incubator. Currently for 90% of the players both stygy and alanqa are equally “unhelpful”.


Yes. Constantly these two. 'm fed up of them at this point. Stygi has a decent unique at least, but alanqa is useless (and it already was a daily missions reward for too long).


How stupid. So what’s the point in unlocking new dinosaurs at different arenas if they’re going to give us the same stuff over and over.


I wouldn’t mind a daily dose of stiggy :confused:


I miss stygi… never thought id say that. Mostly get the dancing pachy now days.


I wouldn’t mind getting pachy if it did it’s dance when you receive it’s dna from an incubator.

Make a note: cancel the topless girl popping out of my birthday cake. I want a pachy dance instead.

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:man_dancing: wouldnt be bad if it had a hybrid! Hopefully next update it will.

I havent got a sexy pachy outfit im afraid. :wink:


I rarely get alanqa DNA(no sarcasm) i usually get “blank” and stygi DNA


Haven’t gotten any of these 2 in a while.


How can people still not know this is intended as this is the only income for those arena exclusive epics.

Alankylo is just as useful as Tuora. I even like it more.

When Alankylo gets a Unique sometime in the futere y’all will complain about not getting enough Alanqua due to it being Arena exclusive, just like it is with Irritator now.

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Alankylo is not viable in the highest arena. Too many shield breakers.

We had a whole 1.5 version with daily alanqa rewards. If it ever gets an unique most people will be able to level it up to 26 straight away. We need dinos for the current game, not for future projections that may never come true.