Style of Fighting Battles

Hey all, this is just a guide for fighting battles ( I don’t really know how to put it , you will find out )

There are many ways to fight battles , it depends on what style you use.
I know that most of you may know this , but here are some examples of battles and how to fight them :
Example 1 : Herbivore , Carnivore , Amphibian. ( 3 class )
1st Way - Get the Amphibian to switch with a Carnivore, followed by a Pterosaur to finish it off and a Carnivore.
2nd Way - Put a Pterosaur, followed by a carnivore and then an amphibian.
3rd Way - Pterosaur Fodder, then carnivore ( preferably glass cannon ) and an amphibian.

Example 2 : Amphibian , Carnivore , Amphibian. ( 2 class )
1st Way: Fodder, Main , Fodder , basically put two lv1 commons , an amphibian or a pterosaur.
2nd Way : Herbivore, Amphibian , Pterosaur.
3rd Way : Fodder, Pterosaur or Amphibian.

Example 3: Pterosaur x3 ( same class )
1st Way : Fodder Main Fodder
2nd Way : All herbivores

With this in mind , you can use your weakest creature sometimes . I still utilize my level 10 tournament legendaries in easier events like Bronze Rewards , sometimes in harder events.

Thanks so much for reading !

NOTE : @Bandeezee, sorry I can’t reply a topic for now, I have edited the post above go check it out


In example 1 1st way, I think you mean get the HERBIVORE out of the way with a Carnivore, right?

Edit: I see what you’re saying. Start with a Carnivore to attract the amphibian, then get it out of the way with the Pterosaur. I think I’m reading that correctly now.

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Yup , sorry I was not able to reply for the past 24hrs , does this happen only on your first day ?

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Lol, not sure, it’s been a long time since my first day. I’m guessing yes though? Hopefully.

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Yep it happens on your first day only, after a few posts they temporary restrict you to post for 24hrs , second day onwards is normal

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I tend to play carnivore then amphibian and then herbivore. It seems to work about 75% of the time. I tend to get crumped by cenozoic teams more than the dinosaurs.


Nice strategy you got there @Colin_Goodman ! Its also useful in tournaments as amphibian tourney hybrids that you face in Dom are not glass cannons, unlike Metriaphodon, Segnosuchus which are quite common
And also Indoraptor Gen 2 , so I guess carnivores with about 1700+ HP are safe to use.
Will try your strategy some time ! :smiley:

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Here is an example on how you can use a weak team to battle a strong team

This is going to be useful for tourney fights for me.

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Hope you find it helpful ! :smiley:

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there are tricks that never fail…


I prefer to play all my battles safe :grimacing:
You are a true strategist

This will be one of my favourite strategies for harder battles, a tank and two glass cannons, can’t believe I’m just so brave to do that

Always take advantage of the fact the opponent has glass cannons
A level 30 Prognathodon can two hit KO a Hyneria at max

You can use weak teams if you have strategy, or if the team is mostly glass cannons

have you tried something like this?

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I think sooooo

Or this…


Yessssss, although I hardly use this one

diplosuchus “alone” takes all three easy easy…

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Its a risky move

Besides why not make it more challenging

Risky? Nah.
You: Reserve 1
AI: attack 2
You: Attack 2 and reserve 1
AI: something with 2 moves
You: Switch and reserve 3
AI: if it was 3 or 4 moves, attacks all, if 5 moves, attacks 4.
You: Attack 2 and reserve at least 1, but probably 2
AI: does whatever
You: attack all.

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