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Sublimits on boosts

With the introduction of boosts your class-system got redundant.

What’s the meaning of a cunning creature, when you have the possibility to outspeed them with the other classes?

Since the introduction of boosts players created a new class, the Nitro-Chompers with creatures like 145 speeded Thors. Now with the shuffle they swapped to Morty, which can even reach a speed of 148.

I know most of the players follow the idea “If you can’t beat them, join them”, but I don’t want to.

Fierce creatures were originally designed to be slower but therefore a high dmg output.
With the introduction of speedboosts this was thrown away.

So my suggestion to you is to introduce a sublimits for each class on HP-boosts/Att-boosts/Sp-boosts.

Only cunning creatures can boost speed to the max.
Only fierce creatures can boost attack to the max.
Only resilient creatures can boost health to the max.

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You’d have to be a lot more specific cause if it was just “only x can boost y to max” then people would just put it to 19.

I’d personally say the limit should be 15. Still balanced, but not op. Also let’s things like Erlidominus get more Attack if people wanna run 0/15/15

I didn’t want to put to much details in my first post, but an input, that the boost system needs an overwork.

I would even cut the limit earlier for the fierce class, like 10 on speedboosts.

The current rock-paper-scissors class system was added ages after the release of boosts

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I think only speed boosts need a change. If the max amount of speed added was 20 instead of 40(1 stat point per boost applied) then resilient and fierce won’t be outspeeding most cunning even with with 20 speed boosts. That way cunning creatures will be equal to the other 2 and no more nitro chomper problem.

It was there it just wasn’t labeled like it is now