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Submit Character Ideas To be Used

Is there a way we can submit suggestions or profiles for characters? Like name and backstory for a character and their counterpart? If we do would the developers be willing to look over them and run with some of them.
Could bring more female characters and fun stories for others.


Sometimes characters acknowledge other characters. Like when Emmalyn said that had chatted to some guy who was in jail.

So that got me thinking. As there are the vampire characters like William Chrome and the werewolf like Vittoria there definitely needs to be a Buffy/Faith style hunter character to chat with.

That would be cool.

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Hey Chadd_Hawkins, please feel free to share your ideas with us here on the forums or at! :smiley:

I thought the same idea and decided to email them. As a writer I have so many ideas about characters and counterparts. I ever have backstories and new stories.


@Ned the real question is
even if we do are they gonna bother reading them or dismiss them and continue on this same very upsetting and disappointing path theyve been going? i dont really feel like ludia and lovelink really care at them moment

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Hey DannyDivine, although I can’t promise that the suggestions will get implemented in the game, I can assure you that our team does try and read all the feedback that is submitted.

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They might not read it but nothing beats a failure but a try!

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I sent an email! Hopefully I hear back from someone soon!! :crossed_fingers::pray:

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Any idea on how often they check? Will they at least send an email back saying they read it or am I going to be biting my nails and waiting for zero reply?

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Hey there, zombieChorizo! As our team reads/responds to messages in the order that they come in. It might take a few business days for our team to reply, depending on their ticket volume.

However, rest assured that once our team gets the chance to review your email, they’ll try and get back to you ASAP! :slight_smile:

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I think ludia needs more writers, we are willing to help but I guess they wouldn’t use our help


Right!? Like honestly… finish the stories that are all now “offline for awhile” and stop adding new ones until then! I just started the chef one yesterday and it’s already grey…

Just check for your email. They’ll probably read it. :slight_smile:

Nothing yet

@zombieChorizo they probably wont ither. theyll get the ideas submited and then take the credit

They might also be afraid to use suggestions from people that don’t work for them for legal reasons. Honestly though just to be able to write some of the stories I’d work for them under a free internship position just to get some experience in the video game industry. Not sure if they’d do random hiring or not.

Figures. I actually asked to be a writer, they obviously need more since they can’t finish a single story…

I actually made a post in general discussion about how to continue Tiro’s story. I gave pretty much a fully thought out plan for what should happen next including how and why he’d come back.