Submit Dimodactylus Hybrids Here FT. Sinodactylus

Here, we present hybrids for @Dimodactylus , the birb who’s gone FAR too long without a hybrid.

First up, Sinodactylus! Upon close inspection, this might need a nerf. What do you think?

  • Major nerf
  • Nerf slightly
  • Fine as is
  • Minor buff
  • Major buff

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Submit more Dimodactylus hybrids here!

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Dilodactylus by using Dilo Gen 2 and Dimodactylus


Here’s one I did a few months ago in my creature file

Mongolodactylus, Fuse with Mongolostegus and Dimodactylus

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4530

Damage: 1050

Speed: 115

Armor: 15%

Critical: 5%


Superiority Strike

Fierce Impact

Cleansing Swoop

Short Defense

Passive: Swap in Wound, and No Escape

Resistances: 100% Swap Prevention

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A hybrid dimodactylus deserves


Broken beyond belief and I love it

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Mortem and thor still take it down, so getting an available counter is quite easy. There are others out there but those 2 are the most common ones

If I’m not mistaken, magna can also take it down. Otherwise, this is the strongest bleeder out there

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Yeah, mags and monolometrodon should do fine too

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One I did a while ago.

Here it is. Scolodactylus or Dimosaurus

Rarity: Legendary

3750 Health
1000 Damage
116 Speed
25% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Fierce Strike
Cleansing Swoop
Defensive Vulnerability
Rampage and Run
Swap in Wound
No Escape

100% Vulnerable
100% Swap Prevention
100% Deceleration

Possible Design:
Scolosaurus body with a Dimo head, orange armor on the back, with a purple underbelly with it smoothly fading to blue on the head and neck, and more green on the tail. The head crest is smaller but is almost a horn on top of the head.

Possible Description: This super hybrid loves to hide in thick forests. It is an herbivore, but the teeth of Scolodactylus are very sharp, so they can be used in a frontal attack. It eats by stripping leaves off of the stems of plants. However, scientists have noticed them calling to Dimodactylus, which indicates that it can talk to its components. More research is required for the depth of the speech.


A resilient fierce hybrid for Dimod.

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Hey! Dimosaurus was the name l used for Pawpawsaurus

That was before I knew that you used that name, which was 20 seconds ago

Besides, Dimo prefer Scolodactylus.

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Uhh… okay

Im kinda on and off. So I might not have seen that post.

That’s alright

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Made my own hybrid! Hope it works and is likable. I think the energy it generates would be… understandable.