Subscription Issue

Hi there, I. From the UK and I’ve lost my Monthly dragon Riders Subscription, it’s still active on my iTunes account but it in the game it says I have to re subscribe but every time I try to this messsge keeps coming up


Please can you fix this ASAP as I really need this subscription back


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I’m from the UK and i’m Having issues with my subscription to the Dragon Riders monthly Subscription on Rise of Berk, i’m still paying for it but it keeps saying on the game i have to re subscribe and every time i do these images keep coming up

i think it’s because we’re getting some bad weather later this evening

Can you try and resolve this issue please

Hey Robert_Mason, I’m sorry to hear that keeps happening to your subscription. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at this?


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Hey support team, I have no idea if anybody have the same issue but thing is that there is event for getting Fanghook’s costume from 13th to 15 february…but it is no there. I hope you can fix it guys, I’ve waited this for so long, do not make me upset :frowning:

Hey there Mashrab, are you a Dragon Rider? The floral Crown Hookfang event started on Friday the 14th for all players, and on the 13th for Dragon Riders.

I’m not, but that’s ok, the problem was solved by itself I think(if there was an issue in first place), and I got the Floral King’s Costume :smiley: