Subscription ran out last week

Comparing the progress to when i had the VIP subscription, my progress in both coin acquisition and dna points per session had been cut in half( not counting my mess ups when im darting of course).

As i was telling my girlfriend recently, this game isnt just “pay to win” in the fact that boosts are for sale everyday, but also in the fact that your progress without the subscription is reduced to a bone chilling crawl.

This post isnt to convince anyone to end their subscription or to, i dont know, sound better than everyone?

Im just stating something that i realized yesterday after a weeks time and i guess im just kind of sad now.

When i first downloaded this, i ditched pokemon go because this game had so many awesome features and game functions that outclassed pokemon go.

Now we’re finding more dinos being locked behind exclusivity despite the fact that this game is the dino version of pokemon go, gotta dart them all right? Well not to a certain someone “ gotta pay for em all”.

Does anyone else share this opinion? Do you have anything to add to it or maybe you see it differently?


I’ve had VIP on and off.

Frankly, I don’t miss it.

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I dont miss that much either as i see the benefits arent worth 10 bucks a month, but whats kicking me in the gut is just how intensely pay to win the game actually is.

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I think its a must if you are a “hardcore” player; otherwise the long haul becomes the even longer haul - depends how impatient you are (I have no patience what so ever, lol). The monthly investment is pretty small really.


Compared to some other mobile games i know of, like boom beach, it is a small investment indeed.

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The pay to win aspect has changed to pay to play, I agree with OP on that aspect.

Sanctuary exclusive dinos are now tied to the $2 trainer bundle.


I quit VIP for some time, but now I’m back in as the prolonged darting time really makes a difference for me, especially when we can dart legendaries or uniques like on the leap event last week. The other benefits aren’t worth it. So it’s again pure p2w as I reach the goals faster this way, but this invest pays out really well compared to everything else you can buy in this game in my opinion :thinking:

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Sad truth there friend

I’ve been playing almost everyday since July of '18, only had VIP for 3 separate months during events that would greatly benefit from having VIP. The extra darting time was nice, but its the only difference affected me as I don’t buy special offers or anything like that. I still hit my max allowed coins during each day without VIP and I’ve accumulated so much dna that I really don’t benefit from the extra darting time, except maybe for a few specific rares and epics, but that still wouldn’t matter because I’m always coinblocked. If VIP would let users get more coins daily, rather that same amount but quicker, maybe I might find it worth buying. Honestly it’s just outdated as is for how the game has changed over time.


Yes. I switched from PoGo to JWA for the same reason as you. It’s a pity they have added so many pay to win walls. However, I think VIP is still worth it for hardcore players who dart a lot (but a waste for the average casual player). Progress without it is nonexistent.

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I ditched vip when they rolled out boosts and vowed never to spend money on this game again.

That changed when the trainer bundle came out as the fip are worth it to level up exclusives.

But I don’t miss vip at all.