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Substitute help


Tragodistis or stegodeus??


For your roster?
I would say both.
A high stegodeus will get u out of sorna!


I’m with @Baryonyx. Steggod and Tragod are still great options. I would switch out Paramoloch.

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Would switch Velociraptor, can easily lose to any Dino that slows other dinos. Stegoceratops, Stegodeus, and Amargasaurus.

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Yeah that makes sense, whenever I get velociraptor in a match I almost never use him


Exactly, para was moved out of my team because I began to realise his stuns and high health could be countered by tryo.
And he has low damage.

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For now I switched out velociraptor. I mostly use him for quick kills after a Dino of mine has just been killed. But yeah I noticed that paramaloch doesn’t have too high damage. I’m almost at tryostronix and monostegatops.