Such a nice feeling when you kill an IRex

Just had to battle someone with Sinoceratops and Gorgosuchus. Killed both of them and felt lucky.
Then the other took an IRex. I chose my monolophosaurus and removed its cloak.
Then the IRex killed my dino and I chose my Velociraptor. :slight_smile:
It was a nice feeling seeing the countdown while my opponent knew he was defeated.

Then my Veloci killed the Irex and that was my first encounter with one.

Awesome I feel so happy!! :smiley:


Hehe yeah, the big stoopid cheat-o-saur I love destroying them. This morning I beat one with my Lythronax (L21) she got her shield up and just chewed the face off the I-Rex… now ex-Rex. I dunno how anyone can use them they’re terribly unreliable and pretty easy to counter once you’ve got the right 'saurs.

Anything is good if you level it up enough. The lythronax had counter attack, and they are easier to get… so that makes it easier to hit an indominus…

I fought a battle in lockdown the other day where my opponent brought out legendary after legendary. First up was an Irex. My level 19 raptor made short work of that. Second was a paramoloch, which I nearly finished off with my level 18 ankylocodon (say what you will, the little cockroach works well, if you know how to use it).

Third was a Tragod that swapped in for the badly injured paramoloch. I chose my Stegocera after anky died and slowed it down, stunlocked it, and brought its hp down to half. It by then had done serious damage to Stegocera, so I swapped her for T-Rex. CHOMP. Defense breaking impact went critical and finished it off.

The last one was the one I had trouble with, as my opponent kept swapping out between it and paramoloch. Sarcorixis. A very high levelled Sarcorixis. Not a legendary, but a surprise as i hardly ever see them anymore. Stegocera swapped in and got KO’d early on, and Raptor helped bring it down a bit with pounce, Ankylocodon died before, so no joy there. After swapping Rex back in, I discovered that the RNG gods had abandoned me. Poor Rex just couldn’t get a crit in, and was indirectly killed by rage croc, when it swapped back to paramoloch. It was paramoloch that killed my last dino.

Undeniably a very frustrating moment, as I hate getting matched against tournament droppers, but it showed me that my squad can really hang in there, and take the fight to the enemy when it has to.

My lvl 22 ankylocodon is my favorite–I call him my puppy. <3 ((And I found him in a Taco Bell drive through yesterday–puppy likes tacos!!))

Also, iRex still packs a powerful punch, cloak not needed.

Yes, but Anky can still use passive immunity to take some of the sting out. Its armor isn’t the best, but that helps it hang in there.

I think the person i was fighting had just gotten their Irex, and wasn’t familiar with its moveset. If it had used cloak off the bat, my raptor probably would have been the one to drop.

People just use the Irex wrong. They bring it in and immediately cloak without seeing what they are going against. I love nullifying them when they do that.

At the same time, I keep it in on my team for the immune factor. And it can throw people off when I don’t cloak right away. It does have a decent hit and hp.

You want a fight to drag out for a long time? Match two Irexes of the same level, and let the slap-fight commence!

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More I-Rexes around so we can continue feeling great about breaking many more. X-D