Such a temptation

Got a Sino at my house but i’m trying to only dart t.rex! Gotta resist this temptress of the night!

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I find I need to dart what I can get. Don’t feel like driving around town to collect just one of the options. Maybe im just lazy though lol

I’m almost halfway to Tryko. I need as much Trex as possible.

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Halfway as you have 125 tryko dna already or the requirements to start fusing tryko is halfway? My alky is LVL 20 and Trex lvl19. Im still a very long way from even starting to fuse him.

I figure also it should get easier to make the stronger Dino’s as the game ages. Just like in pokemon go getting candy for rare Mons is very easy now

I’ve started fusing tryko. 4 10s and a 20 so far.