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Such an injustice

Its shocking that you’ll choose to give 50 meatlug points to everyone. Still keeps us iOS players back. And moreover, 50 meatlug points doesn’t make up for the lost arena energy, clan keys etc. Really disappointed in Ludia


Distinction is clearly visible. 19 hours patience and result. discrimination.


Including mainanance, Android was back in game after roughly 4 hours. As I’m playing on iOS, I had to wait for another 13 hours to get back into the game. I used all my energy before maintenance started including doing 3 hits on Alpha. I was not able to adjust my breeding schedule to a sudden delay of maintenance that was not communicated in time.

I lost at least a full 12 hour breeding, 2 Alpha energy, 7 Arena energy and even though I’m level 50 and am able to store 70 Exploration energy, I lost at least 30 Exploration energy as well - duty chest(s) with Meatlug TP not included, for which I could’t make up because of the cool down timer after opening a chest.
I lost that because I’m on iOS, I wouldn’t have lost anything on Android.

I would’ve lost nothing as well if the delay for iOS would’ve been 6 hours instead of 13 hours (which is still about 2 hours more delay than the amount of delay that it was last updates).

I would not even ask for any compensation if the delay was less than 6 hours and if people were not able to earn Meatlug TP right after the update although event has not begun at that time according to your information you shared.
I even opened a chest right before the update as event would start almost a day later. Should’ve known better than to trust your information, you even announced some changes (hybrid breeding duty) that didn’t come. You never corrected any of this false information.

Throughout and after the unexpected long delay of half a day for iOS - which no one of us could explain by anything else than poor planning and testing by Ludia - there was no communication. (So we don’t know for sure about the poor testing and planning, but as Ludia doesn’t give any reasons regarding the delay it’s apparently true.)
There was no communication about Thanksgiving event (regarding chests) starting right after maintenance.
No communication in time about the delay of maintenance.

This is what bothers me most: apparently poor planning and no communication. We had this situation before and I thought it was getting better. I was wrong.

Such a pity to do something like this and all these bugs (again) to a lovely designed, great game with such large possibilities, that’s mostly based on well-thought-through mechanisms and asks for strategic thinking of players, always having some new ideas to be implemented so that it’s hardly getting boring (at least in my opinion).


I lost 12 places in arena and it’s hard to make it back up. They compensated iOS users last time with 100 runes, but this time the gave 50 trust points which makes no sense at all. I still expect a compensation from them. @Ned could you please ask your team?


Unfortunately, these writings and speeches are always wasted. There’s no room to consider. The truth is, if Android is good for them, okay

short and clear. Friends who again became us. Losses us gains👍

And this will always be like that. We will experience it every time we update and we will exercise our rights here, but no one will hear our voice again.
The worst part: I can never recommend to friends who want to play the game anymore. !


Technically, they didn’t specify what those 50 TP are for. Maybe for delay in maintenance and announcing it.
I still have (probably futile) hope that iOS players do receive something for their inconveniences.


Me too! Perhaps @Ned or @Marcus can clarify this for us


I used to maintain a cross-platform app for reptile related stuff, Google (Android) doesn’t go through an approval process to update an app, iOS does. That’s Apple’s system, not ludias. Android users always got the update hours or sometimes days ahead of iOS, even when i submitted the update to apple at the same time as Google.

game continue Android. ignore the ios. Be fair and consider these results. What about our losses? !

If this problem were for Android? What would be the response? !

@Ned @Marcus
Could you please make a simple statement that you are not going to compensate anyone with more than you already did?

This should help people in calming down and would be better than the feeling of being ignored as an iOS player.


f it will not be compensated, my advice to you: do not update at all! it’s already getting worse! is failing! and ios players are missing !!!

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It’s just sad that they are ignoring this post. Says a lot about ludia


must be equal! I’m writing for the truth forever. I never shut up. We only want our right. !

19 hours lost for our rights

At least 10 arena energy

Full clan energy

20 play energy

at least this is the shape.

Loss of 3 duty chests

Chests runes !

not to mention the stress of waiting

we have:

zero !


Soo it looks like iOS players were ignored after all. What a shame. I really liked this game but I suppose it is better to move on.


Since I’m iOS, do i even bother putting in the hard work to rank up in arena? One delayed update and I’m set back all the way

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Btw this is honestly one of main reasons why I only do arena for quests, and not even everyday. I stopped caring considering how each maintenance ends up like that.


@John can you shed some light on the situation for iOS players?