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Such brilliant tourney matchmaking

This is my team. In three tourney battles I have faced -
L26 Scorpius G3 boosted
L30 Maxima boosted
L30 Erlikospyx boosted
L30 Diorja boosted

This was in battles two and three. Battle one was against what I would consider fairly matched team, L18 - 20 legendaries/epics.

I’m out.

Never understood people complaining about the matchmaking. It’s based on players’ trophy counts. He has a similar count to yours so he played you. Play later in the tourney and that won’t be an issue.

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I commend the people that grind for their boosts but there’s a clear sign when a person paid their way to victory.

don’t say “i’m out” when you only need one takedown come on xD, love your team btw

It’s day 2 and it’s the same thing

Yes and? I can field a team of 30s in the tournament and I haven’t played a game yet so I’ll be seeing everyone soon too. For these tournaments it is the name of the game