Suchamimus plague

So I’ve only been playing this game for 6 weeks, but it really seems like spawns are Wayyyyyyy too streaky. Like, suddenly things that were everywhere are nowhere to be found. And crap you get sick of seeing is everywhere. I cant walk 100 feet without another Suchamimus showing up. It’s like one of the plagues in the old testament. And then you put a small scent out… 3 Suchamimus show up. Why do the developers think that’s a good thing?


I for one welcome our new Suchomimus overlords. Just means more dna for my lovely Suchotator.

( now if I just had the coins to evolve her… )


Yeah, every zone has its plague… Be grateful that yours can be used to make a very useful hybrid


Pests are rotated from time to time, so what is now a pest could disappear in a couple of months and be replaced by something else. In my experience, when a current pest disappears, you soon discover it’s usefulness… My recommendation is, dart everything, cause you never know what might be needed in a future patch… They could, for example come up with a great Suchotator hybrid…


So true. I can’t even start to calculate how much Dracorex Gen 2 dna I ignored.


That’s my plague as well. I still dart every single one of them and level up my suchotator as high as my coins and irritator gen2 will allow me.

So I’m sitting on something like 12,000+ suchomimus DNA, and level 19 suchotator.

I figure it’ll all even out eventually. Maybe.

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I live in l4 and love it , coins the only thing holding me back from lvling :slight_smile:

Thanks too sand dunes and all the member’s for extra DNA.
@Hersh @CleverBoy @TyrannosaurusLex @Calebrys @SaraCuriosa


Currently each zone has its plague

Zone 1: Majungasauros that serve to make MAjungasuchus
Zone 2: Einosauros that serve to make einosuchus
Zone 3: It’s my “unknown” zone so I do not know what the plague is here, maybe Diplocaulus
Zone 4: Suchumimus that serve to make Suchotator

As you see, live where you live you will have a plague, but at least, the plague of Suchomimus is the most useful.

I get that. Its obviously how the developers want it. I just dont get why they want it. I don’t think it’s very good business.

When you have access to many of the same, you can get proficient at darting them as you know their routine. Imagine you needed Sucho but only saw it now and again, you would get much less DNA per dart and be searching them out. Think Rex and how hard to dart it is.

We first had this issue with Euoplocephalus. They were everywhere to the point people wanted a filter to remove them from the screen. Update comes out with Tragodist and Euoplo all but disappears from everywhere. Folks came back on complaining that they never find them now.

I dart everything I come across, unless I am maxed out on DNA for it. I was able to create and level up some of the latest hybrids with DNA I had in storage. Some that I have over 150k of I may never use, but then again, I may. I believe that at some time in the game all DNA will eventually get a hybrid. Might not be any good, but may turn out to be surprisingly good. I am going to make hay while the sun shines.

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I believe that the intention is not bad. To diversify the creatures in the battles, I suppose they want to empower four powerful hybrids so that each player has only one of them. The problem is that I think the number of appearances is excessive and the fact that they appear with the capsules very annoying.

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I literally have to drive 5 miles to get to a zone with Suchamimus to hunt them and Parasaurolophus.
I even use the majority of my scent capsules in those zones.

I haven’t seen a suchomimus in about three months and no one in my Alliance seems to either have any or be willing to trade.

Zone 3 is indeed diplocaulus plague. It’s awful.

The other day did two 20 min scents and one 5 min scents. Got 18 of 23 spawns diplocaulus

I see suchimimus everywhere in the area near my work and in my place of residence on weekends. On Sunday I went to hunt Tarbosauro and came back with 3000 DNA from suchimimus (and barely 300 from Tarbo). Monday and Tuesday I went for a walk to look for different DNA and 80% was Suchimimus and Dimorphodon. Before I did not collect the Suchimimus but now I have decided to take everything. From Sunday until today 8000 DNA of Suchimimus. In fact, I am thinking about evolving the Suchotator (which I have never used) and I have calculated that it could be level 23 although I would have to do 962 fusions !!! I can be all night fusioning;)

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