Suchinator’s Speed


I know it’s only a rare hybrid, combining two commons, but Suchinator’s speed is seriously lacking. Most hybrids speed is a median of the two source DNA speeds, but Suchinator combines a 124 (suchimimus) and a 122 (Irritator gen 2) and we come out with a 115? Seems like it should be 123. Otherwise it’s useless to me. If it had the speed it would find a place on my roster for sure, but at this point I’m not even going to waste any resources leveling it up.


I have noticed the same thing with Majundasuchus it’s a rare hybrid with the combination of Majungasaurus and Nundasuchus Majungasaurus has a speed of 105 while Nundasuchus has a speed of 128. the description for Majundasuchus it is one of the fastest and most flexible attackers yet has the speed of 108 that’s slower than what it should be and this is at lvl 6 what the initial fusion produces and the I guess normal level for a Rare Dinosaurs.


It’s fast for a therapod, not attacker


raptor is a theropod