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Sucho getting got Again?


Is it just me, or did Sucho get her speed lowered?

If I can recall, her speed was 117, and now, it’s 116…


No i think it’s 116 for a long time cuz,i remember the speed tie with sino that has 116 speed (i think)


You sure? Cuz I can remember it going toe to toe against Sarcorixis and managing to come out on top sometimes… And Sarco is speed 117…

Welp, I can always be wrong tho…


Suchotator has Superiority Strike, so it can outspeed Sarcorixis.


It was 117!
Why did they change it?


That’s not the point.

Anybody with a slowing move is gonna be able to outspeed another Dino unless they’re immune.

The fact is that Sucho has gone down one speed point is the problem. What is their reasoning for it?


It certainly seems a bit random to just drop the speed of a Dino without a reason given .
Why can’t they get rid of the cleansing regen for Draco and make the game better instead of doing stuff like this ?


All this time I thought the topic was talking about suchomimus and not Suchotator lol


Whoops, sorry. I perhaps should’ve clarified xD

I thought that 117 was a decent speed for Suchotator. It didn’t really outspeed anyone except for a good handful, and it can be overwhelmed by other dinos that can slow it down.

What other dino has 116?