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Suchodus Bracketed Tournament - 10/2/2020 - 10/5/2020

Hey guys, looks it will be Suchodus… in your experience how many trophies are requested for dominator run in this kind of event??

And what is the weaker level creature that can fight in dominator?


In my case, the weakest creature that I’m comfortable with, is a Megalosaurus lvl 20, but I’m not sure if the opponents depend on our own overall ferocity.

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Ahh Mann…this is one of those tournaments where I’ll be participating for the DNA, DinoBucks and Loyalty Points.

Still a cool creatures though.

Ludia…if you listening kentrooooooo.


Forgot to answer your question… Level 40 Legendaries can get you up to Dominator.

I feel like to stay in dominating you need to creatures justtt above that.

If you want an easy time creatures around Level 20 VIP ferocity will do it.

Edit: My bad for the double post. I saw someone else typing a message and thought theirs would be posted before mine.

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Any advice for setting up aquatic battles? This will be my first competitive aquatic tournament.
For instance, in jurassic tournaments I use:
Herb meat shield (3:1 ratio or higher)
Amphibian glass cannon (between 1:1 and 2:1 ratio)
Carnivore balance (between 2:1 and 3:1 ratio)

My idea for aquatic is:
Surface meat shield
Cave glass cannon
Reef balance

If this is satisfactory, what is a good recommended health amount for meat shield? For jurassic I usually use around 1700 or higher, but I don’t have aquatics with that much health.

I also plan to use:
Cave meat shield
Reef glass cannon
Surface balance

Reef meat shield
Surface glass cannon
Cave balance


I just spent about 130K DNA and some DB speed hatching 3 more Dakoderma and 3 Leptostega in case I you think I need to evolve to the teens.

I think going all the way to level 20 would unbalance my lineup though.

Och, no VIPs?

L10 super rare hybirds aren’t likely going to get you to Dom.

This is the top two screens of each class for me (26 total VIPs). I was just showing the hybrids I just made. Should I evolve two of each to the teens?

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It’s a yes for me, I specially like the Liopleurodon at level 30…

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I’ve only done 1 aqua tournament and got torn apart. I was happy to sneak in the pred at the very end with my L1-3 VIPs. (I don’t remember exactly where.)

The guidance the forums has on aquatic is L10 VIPs and L30 Legendary should get you into Dom. How far and how easily, I don’t know.


Ok, I’ll stay with my planned battle style and see how it goes. If I think I need higher health meat shields or higher attack glass cannons, I may do some last minute evolving.

Some observations from the Edestus Bracketed Tournament back in May, which is my only experience with a Bracketed Aquatic Tournament

This link shows my opening battle. Taking the screenshot ended the battle but a similar lineup drew similar opponents and won me 30 trophies

Level 10 VIPs were not quite good enough to get out of Hunter League

Level 40 Legendaries were good enough to get through Predator

The trophy climb is very similar to a Jurassic tournament

In general I had better success using all three classes rather than using 2 classes in a cross-class manner.


Arent we using jurassics for this tournament?

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I thought Shake the Earth meant a Jurassic tournament but now people are talking about the aquatic battles as well so I’m very confused on which it is

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If its an aqautic one ill pass then i only have enough creatures to complete a single event in one run


I had monostegotops and a lvl 30 tapejalosaurus ready for this tourney as well :confused:

Maybe maybe not. The information we’ve received is conflicting. Shake the Earth suggests Jurassics. The Aquatic icon suggests Aquatics. We won’t know for sure until the tournament kicks off tomorrow

Further confusing the issue is that the weekly schedule used a Jurassic icon for the tournament, while Monday’s social media post alluded to the Heavyweight bracket being an Aqua tournament


I mean i dont know archelon didnt have the aquatic symbol when there was a tournament for it.

I’ll go for last minute call with this… and do all the fights I can without using DB, should be exciting tought I would have liked another Jurassic with Herb hybrid

The last two Archelon tournaments used Jurassic creatures and never projected anything else. The tournament before that I think was Aquatic but I don’t feel like wading through Ludia’s Facebook posts to see what the weekly schedule said.

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